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Unique in their offerings, YouHodler and Coinbase Wallet specialize in crypto storage solutions and passive income opportunities across various networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. However, some members of the crypto community criticize XRP for potentially lacking decentralization. This is because a significant portion of the XRP supply is held by Ripple, a US-based fintech company that integrates XRP into its cross-border payment solutions.

cheapest cryptos to send

EOS.IO is an open-source blockchain platform with smart contracts functionality. It aims to create a scalable developing hub for industrial-scale decentralized applications. Its native token, EOS, is completely fee-less, so users don’t have to pay fees — the network ones — when using it.

On a good day, the Stellar network transfers the Lumens with effectively no delay. Stellar Lumens (XLM) has been around since 2014, and like most of the other cryptocurrencies on this list, its use case is transferring value. According to, XLM wanted to bank the unbanked and connect people left behind by the legacy financial system.

cheapest cryptos to send

If you’re just getting started with cryptocurrency, look for an easy-to-use platform with plenty of educational resources to help you understand this complex, rapidly developing market. You can minimize your risk by spreading your crypto purchases across multiple exchanges. These are storage options that are not connected to the internet, making them nearly impossible to hack—although you’ll need to carefully record your passcode or you could lose access to your crypto forever. As crypto has grown more popular and valuable, it’s become a big large target for hackers.

With a global presence in over 100 countries, OKX offers versatility with numerous trading pairs and accessibility for traders of all levels of expertise. The platform offers high liquidity and advanced features like margin trading and trading bots, catering to experienced traders. KuCoin is one of the cheap crypto exchanges tailored for seasoned traders residing outside the United States.

  • For more advanced traders, the platform offers trading in crypto derivatives, as well as customizable alerts and watchlists.
  • TRON is a blockchain platform similar to Ethereum, which implements a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism.
  • It aims to create a scalable developing hub for industrial-scale decentralized applications.
  • The cheapest crypto to send will allow you to make transactions at a cost of a fraction of a cent, and have your payments completed in a matter of seconds.

TRON was created in 2017, and its market cap rose to $1.6 billion within a couple of years. Inspired by Bitcoin, TRON was created to improve the original crypto’s structure. Many merchants and exchanges now accept Dash, making it an increasingly appealing option. It is difficult to predict the “next Bitcoin,” and likely depends on what you are looking for.

Although everyone seems to be aware of their existence, they still take away thousands of dollars worth of profit from crypto investors every day. Even though transacting with Bitcoin and Ethereum can sometimes be expensive, there are plenty of alternatives available that offer extremely cheap transactions. Whether you want to use smart contracts or simply send value using crypto, there are options you can use that will cost you just a few cents per transaction or even less. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum developers are well aware that the transaction fees charged by these networks are high. The most common way to address high transaction fees is layer 2 solutions, which move some operations away from the underlying blockchain to save on fees. Coins like Stellar, ReddCoin, Monero, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and LiteCoin are some of the crypto with the lowest gas fees.

But these trades are also considerably less expensive, with “maker” and “taker” fees costing between 0.1% to 0.5% of the transaction value. With this approach, you choose the price you wish to buy or sell at, and a transaction clears only when the market finds a buyer or seller willing to buy or sell at that target price. BitFlyer’s instant buy and sell platform doesn’t charge any transaction fees at all, which makes it a tempting proposition, but watch out for the wild range of spread fees, from 0.1% to 6%.

cheapest cryptos to send

Recently a BTC transaction of 1.4 Billion dollars was sent from the US to East Asia for $15 and took 30 minutes to confirm. However, the Open Representative Voting (ORV) technology makes it one of the least energy-intensive networks. Being green is a great marketing tool these days, so expect to see interest grow in NANO.

cheapest cryptos to send

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The platform charges a spread fee of 0.75%, which is another way exchanges can charge for transactions. Additionally, eToro doesn’t charge any deposit or withdrawal fees, making moving your money to or from the platform much more pleasurable. EToro allows users to buy and sell a range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Stellar. It also has some great staking options for those wanting to earn passive income using their crypto. Another great thing about Pionex is its incredibly low maker and taker fees.

We tried to provide a selection that’s as diverse as possible, covering both smart contract platforms and simpler cryptocurrencies. For most retail investors, avoiding the time and expense of the Greatest Crypto Exchanges and Apps BTC and ETH networks as a transfer mechanism is a no-brainer. For very large transactions, it’s not an issue and the extra security provided by the larger networks is worth the lack of efficiency.

Algorand prides itself on being eco-friendly and efficient, with a focus on offering low transaction fees. The minimum transaction fee is 0.001 ALGO, meaning that 1 ALGO can potentially cover 1,000 transactions. Stellar is a blockchain platform that’s focused on highly efficient asset transfers. Pro-Tip – If you’re using a cryptocurrency to send value between exchanges for the first time, send a small test amount first.

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